Intermediate proofer fabric

Our fabrics for intermediate proofer are available for all models. Some references are online, but just contact us for others. We custom made.

The fabrics can be made with louxor couche (best option, drying fast and easy cleaning), felt, mesh or 3 mm wool.

One prices for fabrics not exceeding 1400 mm long and 400 mm wide open, for bigger fabrics write us a message :

- Louxor couche fabric : 16.5€ H.T.
- Felt : 14.5€ H.T.

Contact us for any information or demand.


What is the difference between the different type of dough sheeter belts ?

Our belts for dough sheeters are made in cotton reinforced with polyester and antistatic carbon fibers between polyurethane layers. Endless junction in superposition or bevel. Custom size on-demand. The belt for dough sheeters is adaptable on all machines. It can be manufactured in 100% cotton on short lengths on request, but it is less stronger. The junction can be made with staples on requ...



You need custom size ?

We can custom size all our products. Contact us