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Secure payment

Payments via our site are the object of a system of reassurance developed by the CIC. The transaction(deal) is taken care by the waiter(server) of transaction(deal) monetico payment in the respect for safety standards:

- Coded connection SSL, respect for the standard PCI-DSS,

- 3D control Secure to authenticate the buyer during a credit card payment,

- Control of the bank card and the check of the outstanding discounted bills

At the end of the transaction(deal), the customer is redirected towards the site The painting(cloth) of the Baker.

It means that the information bound(connected) with order and the number of the bank card do not circulate there clearly on the Internet.

So, no person has access either in a IT way, or in a way printed in address and phone number(coordinates) bank cards of the buyers.

How to measure my oven loader belt ?

We advise you to measure from part to part of the belt in its width and the length in its entirety by not forgetting the covering of edges.Then, compare your measure with our references if your measure gets closer favor our reference otherwise contact we.With the age, the belts shrinks sightly what explains the quite small differences of measures.In case of doubt in the dimension of your belt, cal...



You need custom size ?

We can custom size all our products. Contact us